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EY Corporate Responsibility unites us as a company

This year EY held its 10th Community Day in cooperation with Nadácia Pontis. This is one of the ways in which our employees live up to our purpose – “Building a better working world”.

Over the past ten years, EY employees have undertaken 7,320 hours of volunteer work at 37 different non-profit organizations. This year was special as activities were also held in Žilina and Košice. During the two volunteering days (the first in Žilina and Košice and the second in Bratislava) 113 volunteers gave their time to nine non-profit organizations.
This year, employees spent more than 535 hours helping organizations and communities. Mrs. Gabriela Mihalovičová from Národný Trust said of the volunteer day: “On behalf of Národný Trust, I would like to thank all the volunteers for their work at Kochova záhrada, for their interest and for improving Kochova záhrada and I hope they will continue to help National Trust in the future. They were amazing.”

Another CSR activity which is popular among EY employees is blood donation. Blood donation days are organized on a regular basis in our offices. Together with donors from neighboring companies who joined us during this activity, we have donated 106.15 liters of blood so far.

It has become a tradition that before the holidays we organize Christmas and Easter Markets. EY employees don’t need to search in shops and on the internet for presents and decorations. They can choose from hand-made products and decorations and support non-profit organizations at our offices.

And this is not the only activity before holidays. Clothes, household supplies and other items are collected for those in need. This tradition has already helped 22 non-profit organizations and it will continue to do so in the future.

EY also helps financially
As a global company, EY often receives applications for 2% tax donations. Each year, three non-profit organizations – which share the 2% of the yearly corporate taxes – are chosen. An up-to-date list of applicants for 2% of taxes is available for all EY employees who want to assign 2% of their taxes.

We respond to as many requests for help as possible and it is always a pleasure.

Ad-hoc collections for specific purposes are organized for non-profit organizations when an appropriate request is identified.

When work laptops are being replaced the old ones are donated. So far more than 160 laptops have been donated.

Stimulating entrepreneurship
Of course, these are not the only CSR activities EY undertakes. EY Slovak Republic is a consultancy firm and auditor of publicly-traded companies and other public interest entities. It advocates transparency in financial reporting and strives to contribute to the continuous improvement of accounting, tax and other legislation. Making a better working environment is in all our interests; companies report better financial results, employment rates rise, consumers spend without fear and the business sector increases its support of the non-profit sector. EY also provides its services pro bono to various non-profit organizations.

Each year, EY promotes the business environment in Slovakia by creating a platform for the best entrepreneurs. The EY competition Entrepreneur Of The Year is an international competition and the assessment criteria for individual participants are comparable in the different countries taking part. The winner is selected by an independent jury, consisting primarily of the winners of previous years. This year the 12th EY Entrepreneur Of The Year awards will be held.

Matej Bošňák, Country Managing Partner of EY in the Slovak Republic