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New pharmaceutical industry rules

(by Patrik Tomeš)

Prepared by AmCham member: bnt attorneysat-law

The pharmaceutical industry is currently undergoing major changes. Recently enacted new legislation, Act on medicinal products and devices and Act on conditions of payment for medicinal products, medical devices and dietetic foodstuffs from public health insurance, constitutes a major reform of current legislation on medicinal products. 

Upgrading to Healthcare 2.0

(by Patrik Tomeš)

Prepared by AmCham member: NESS Slovensko

The state proclaims the unlimited extent of healthcare financed from the public insurance. On the other hand the OECD data show the patients’ out-of-pocket payments in 2008 amounted to 25,7 % of the total healthcare expenses in Slovak Republic (EU average was 20 %).

Deloitte´s Technology Fast 50

(by Patrik Tomeš)

Prepared by AmCham member: Deloitte Slovakia

Deloitte has announced the opening of registration for the Technology Fast 50 competition in Central Europe – the preeminent regional competition for companies in the technology sector, highlighting both established and emerging technology companies in the region. This is the 13th consecutive year this program has run in 17 countries of Central Europe. 

How good is your design?

(by Patrik Tomeš)

Prepared by AmCham member: Lighting Beetle

Whether your company runs a website, software or a mobile application, you are always concerned whether users will like it or not. The design is one of the most important ergonomic factors. So how do you make sure your design does a good job of engaging, helping and converting your users? 

Issues (not) addressed in the OPIS implementation

(by Patrik Tomeš)

Prepared by AmCham member: KPMG Slovensko

In 2008, the Government of the Slovak Republic approved two basic, strategic documents regarding the informatization of public administration (eGovernment Strategy and the National Concept of Public Governance Informatization). In 2009, a more detailed discussion of objectives arising from these documents began. 

Cloud computing – A new paradigm in data processing

(by Patrik Tomeš)

Prepared by AmCham member: Squire Sanders

The newly developed trend in the field of information technologies – cloud computing – has quickly become popular among consumers as well as international companies. Although cloud computing is considered as a big step forward, some concerns do arise particularly with regard to privacy and data protection. Therefore, the International Working Group on Data Protection in Telecommunications has prepared the Working Paper on Cloud Computing – Privacy and Data Protection Issues, into which Squire Sanders provides insight.

Flu can now be diagnosed through a PC

(by Patrik Tomeš)

Prepared by AmCham member: Cisco Slovakia

Imagine that you could visit your physician without leaving your livingroom sofa, for example when you do not want to spend time waiting in front of the consulting room, or when your doctor’s office is too far away. Modern information system and telemedicine make it possible. Marcel Rebroš, general manager of Cisco Slovakia described its benefits for healthcare institutions and patients.

To consent, or not to consent

(by Patrik Tomeš)

Prepared by AmCham member: Allen & Overy Bratislava

Numerous data leakage accidents, unauthorized transfers of personal data, processing without consent, email boxes full of direct marketing messages, etc., have motivated the European Commission to put forward a proposal for a regulation which substantially changes European privacy laws.

The future of IT outsourcing and cloud computing

(by Patrik Tomeš)

Prepared by AmCham member: PwC

Cloud computing. Do we have to go there again? Isn’t it already common knowledge that the traditional data center is an endangered species? Don’t most business executives have their fingers hovering over the cloud computing button? For all the hype about cloud computing, there is very little survey data on the extent to which enterprises are planning for and adopting cloud computing as a replacement for traditional data center infrastructure technologies and management processes. 

Focus on care pathway is the way to stabilize Slovak healthcare

(by Patrik Tomeš)

Letter to members by Vladimír Mičieta, Government & Public Affairs Manager, Johnson & Johnson, s.r.o.

In recent years, we have seen the Slovak healthcare system suffer from inadequate financial
resources, especially in hospitals and other inpatient facilities. This trend continues despite higher expenditures in healthcare as percentage of GDP, which is now comparable to other EU countries, and which is actually higher than other countries in the region. On the other hand, healthcare spending per capita remains among the lowest in the EU. Considering the changes and statistical data, the Slovak healthcare system can be considered as progressing, but also overburdened.

U. S. Steel´s Volunteer Days

(by Patrik Tomeš)

Prepared by AmCham member: U. S. Steel Košice

On May 18 – 19, 2012, the corporate volunteer event named U. S. Steel for Košice was held for the sixth time, during which the employees of the largest company in Eastern Slovakia helped eleven Košice organizations with their public-benefit activities.

ICT services worldwide from Košice

(by Patrik Tomeš)

Prepared by AmCham member: T-Systems Slovakia

On February 1, 2012, Thomas Bogdain joined T-Systems Slovakia as the new managing director. After spending six years with Slovak Telekom, Bogdain exchanged Bratislava for Košice to join T-Systems Slovakia. After just six years in business, T-Systems Slovakia has achieved a very high skill level as well as high customer trust. Mr. Bogdain sees great potential for the company and explains what the ICT giant from eastern Slovakia is preparing for the future. 

Geospatial revolution

(by Patrik Tomeš)

Prepared by AmCham member: GEODETICCA

Geoinformatics is considered to be one of the three most progressive sectors alongside biotechnologies and nanotechnologies. It is thus no wonder that giants like Google, Microsoft and Nokia invest heavily in this business. What is going on?

Clinical trials and the new law on medicines

(by Patrik Tomeš)

Prepared by AmCham member: DLA Piper

At the end of 2011, a new law on medicine and medical devices came into force. The previous legislation dated back to 1998, so it was high time for new provisions. Clinical trials, which are predominantly supported by foreign investors in Slovakia, are also affected.

European Commission revisits parallel trade in the pharma sector

(by Patrik Tomeš)

Prepared by AmCham member: Allen & Overy Bratislava

The European Commission has announced a new, tougher policy on parallel trade in the European pharmaceutical sector. Given the new Slovak reference pricing legislation, pharmaceutical companies in Slovakia are likely to be affected.