AmCham Slovakia


Lighting in many manufacturing and logistics plants in Slovakia breaches the requirements for lighting, which are laid down by technical standards. Outdated lights, whose maintenance is overcomplicated or neglected, cause a lot of light to be wasted and can also lead to excessive energy payments. At the same time, inadequate lighting leads to bad working conditions, which increases the risk of accidents and fines. All of these problems can be solved by a new intelligent lighting system based on LED technology.

LED technology is the ideal solution for replacing outdated corporate lighting. Its benefits will be most appreciated by firms that need intense, but also economical lighting.  The benefits are clear: affordable prices, low energy consumption and a long lifespan. 

At first sight, the new technology appears more expensive than the old, but real experience indicates that the investment can pay for itself through savings in energy costs. The reason for this is that the lifespan of LED lights is much longer than the time which is needed to achieve return of costs. As experts explain, in sectors where lighting makes up a significant part of electrical usage, such as in logistics, LED lighting reduces energy demands as well as the regular charges for reserved capacity.

LED technology is extremely efficient and flexible. Its capacity for instant-on and full dimming enable it to work well with movement and brightness sensors. For example, a movement sensor can be used to turn a light on only when it is really necessary. It allows maximum use to be made of daylight, reducing consumption and extending the useful life of the system.

LEDs also respond well to short-term power cuts. Lamps currently in use have to cool down before they can be restarted at full output, which can take up to ten minutes.

A specialized firm can arrange everything
Firms have a number of ways to go about modernizing their lighting. They could carry out the whole project by themselves, but in this case they will not only have to find the initial investment, they will also have to manage all aspects of the preparation and implementation of the project. Other costs need to be taken into account as well, such as the cost of operation, maintenance and administration.

These considerations, including the initial investment, will be reduced if the project is entrusted to a company providing Energy Performance Contracting (EPC). Such firms take on not only the implementation, but also responsibility for the operation and maintenance of the lighting. According to the Slovenské elektrárne´s Retail Manager, Andrea Pancotti, “The basic principle of EPC is that the project is paid for from documented and achieved savings in energy costs. The implementation of energy saving projects for clients is undertaken by a specialised energy services company (ESCO) such as SE Predaj, a subsidiary of Slovenské elektrárne,”  The client pays all of the costs connected with the investment, and the cost of the services of the specialized firm is paid out of the achieved savings. After the investment costs are paid off, clients take over the system themselves with reduced operational costs.


Jana Burdová, spokeswoman, Slovenské elektrárne (ENEL)