AmCham Slovakia


The world is changing – and faster than ever. Innovations in technology, ongoing globalization and the evolution of governance models are molding the expectations that employers, clients, regulators and other stakeholders have of finance professionals. The finance professional needs to be on the front foot – highly skilled in technical areas but able to see the bigger picture. Professional accountants must take an outward-looking perspective that extends beyond numbers and a holistic view that goes beyond the organization. Playing a strategic role increasingly requires at least a basic knowledge of non-financial areas.
Change is inevitable and how we prepare for it is critical. The long view is important. We need to think ahead so we can define future strategies and new ways of working, especially in volatile, complex and ambiguous times.
It is very important to provide training support from employers to finance staff in their professional development, however it is the individual responsibility of an employee to engage in and manage his or her personal development and future career. Professional accountants will need to find new ways to gain the breadth of experience and expertise needed to support their career progression.

Katka Benešová, Head of ACCA Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary