AmCham Slovakia


Introducing the Year of Human Capital

Since 2011, AmCham has adopted a practice of dedicating the entire year to one particular theme, which provides a unifying umbrella for most of its activities and advocacy efforts during the given year. 

The year 2017 was designated as the “Year of Human Capital” and AmCham will focus the core of its activities on addressing the two main pillars behind this theme – education and labor/employment issues. Several of our members have identified the lack of qualified workforce as the main concern and challenge for their business and we hope to explore the reasons behind the current state as well as offer specific solutions which might help improve the situation.

Education – we strive to continue in an active dialogue with the Ministry of Education in order to undertake systematic and legislative changes within the highly-anticipated Reform of the Slovak Education System. Our primary goal is to systematically bridge the educational institutions with the business community to foster the exchange of know-how and enhance the preparedness of the graduates entering the job market.

Labor/Employment - in order to focus our policy activities on short-term fixes on the job market, in 2017 we are taking an active approach with the Employment and Social Affairs Committee (ESAC) as one of the principal policy platforms for active dialogue with the Ministry of Labor and other relevant stakeholders. Primarily, we seek to improve the legislative conditions for the business community in creating more flexible and responsive forms of employment as well as easing the bureaucratic process of employing foreigners from countries outside the European Union.

AmCham´s Years of ...

2011: Year of FDI - The AmCham FDI Committee formulated a strategy: Investing in Slovakia’s Future – Building on Our Strengths and Realizing our Potential, with 10 steps to winning the FDI race. AmCham strongly believes that FDI is – and will continue to be – one of the core drivers of economic development in Slovakia. 

2012: Year of Education - To become the FDI location of choice by 2020, and to win the FDI race, Slovakia should carry out the 10 most important actions vital for the successful accomplishment of this vision. One of the recommended points was to INVEST in EDUCATION. In order to fulfill the strategy AmCham dedicated year 2012 to the Year of Education. 

2013: Year of Regional Development - In light of the AmCham FDI strategy, the EU Strategy for the Danube Region, the fact that Košice was the European Capital of Culture in 2013 and AmCham’s expansion, the American Chamber of Commerce in the Slovak Republic decided to dedicate the year 2013 to regional development. The “2013: Year of Regional Development” was based on the following pillars and activities: Creating Brand Slovakia: Tourism and FDI Perspective; Connecting Regional & European Levels; Advocating for SME-friendly environment; Mentoring SMEs; and AmCham Regional Expansion.

2014: 20 year anniversary - In order to celebrate its 20th anniversary, AmCham continued to organize various events and advocacy efforts throughout 2014 aimed at fulfilling its No. 1 goal: improving the business environment in Slovakia. AmCham has added several new initiatives to its extensive policy portfolio: DOING BUSINESS Initiative; The Rule of Law Initiative; The Business Service Center Forum.

2015: Year of trade - Part of AmCham’s mission is to facilitate trade on multiple levels, especially supporting cross-border trade as well as boosting trade opportunities within Slovakia.  Since its establishment, AmCham has been a driving force in fostering debate on the quality of the business environment that is closely related to foreign direct investment. Furthermore, the topic of trade has become even more relevant given the ongoing negotiations of the Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) between the EU and the US.

2016: e-Year - Last year, AmCham Slovakia decided to address the following three main pillars: EU Council Presidency; Elections – Slovakia (March) and United States (November); and E-Agenda.