AmCham Slovakia


Innovations in the Digital Age

Leading digital reinvention through the eyes of an innovator

(by William Carbone, )

Ideas are powerful. Ideas are all we need to make the world around us a better place. Is this true at all times?

Connecting your business to the US market

(by Mary MacPherson)

Slovak companies with an ambition to expand their activities to the US market must be prepared to face various obstacles. An experienced partner able to help with establishing the right contacts and identifying the relevant opportunities may well be the difference-maker. Mary MacPherson, President & CEO of the Slovak-American Foundation (SAF) explains how they fulfill this role and help Slovak companies succeed on the US market through the US Connections program.

AI and Slovakia: Labor costs to become less important

(by Vladimir Zlacky)

Artificial intelligence (AI), which is driving the Industry 4.0 revolution, has put several questions center stage for converging economies, such as Slovakia. Will AI help the main pillars of the Slovak economy, such as FDI-owned manufacturing industries? Which policy challenges and risks will it bring to the fore?

Digital trends in the hospitality sector

(by Martin Slivka)

Digital technologies have brought about a significant transformation of the tourism industry. Growth of digital platforms increased the variety and volume of products, services, experience, online transactions, the awareness of the market and immediate feedback from customers.

Innovate your business with solutions Made in Slovakia!

(by Oto Pisoň)

SARIO Innovation Services – a new matching platform of the Slovak Investment and Trade Development Agency (SARIO) interconnecting the needs of its mayor clients – large investors established in Slovakia - with capacities and competences of the most advanced and innovative Slovak technology companies.

Collaboration is the key to everything…

(by Ronald Blaško)

A stronger focus on innovation is the path AmCham considers of critical importance for Slovakia, if it wants to stay competitive both regionally and globally. Many of AmCham’s activities are aimed at helping to strengthen the innovative ecosystem in Slovakia. Innovation trends are also closely followed by AmCham’s Executive Director Ronald Blaško, who has been very passionate about this topic for a long time. He shared some of his ideas and opinions on Slovakia’s innovative potential in this interview.  

Turning moon boots into Cinderella’s slipper: a breakthrough in MRI

(by Erik Marek)

Do doctors need to fear being replaced by Artificial Intelligence (AI)? No, they do not. But they need to be aware that in the near future they will be replaced by doctors who use AI applications. The numbers speak for themselves: AI in healthcare has seen a significant rise over the last couple of years, especially in radiology. 

How to use cybersecurity as competitive advantage

(by Tomáš Hettych)

These days, you can read about information security a.k.a. cybersecurity almost every day in the media. The cybersecurity topic is often simplified to hackers’ attacks and fines for non-compliance with GDPR. But this view is far from reality. Three years ago, the total amount of damage related to cybersecurity already exceeded damage from all other security areas. Today’s bad guys do not rob banks with masks and guns, they use their computers to strike.

Communicate safely

(by Viliam Koza)

One of the main characteristics of the modern digital age is the extraordinary value it attributes to information. Possessing the right information, the know-how to interpret it and act on it can decide the faith of businesses or political careers. This also presents new risks and makes the need to protect information absolutely necessary. Viliam Koza, CEO, NWS, talks about how his company tries to help its clients solve this issue through a package of services under the label of ANTISPY EXPERT.