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One of the main characteristics of the modern digital age is the extraordinary value it attributes to information. Possessing the right information, the know-how to interpret it and act on it can decide the faith of businesses or political careers. This also presents new risks and makes the need to protect information absolutely necessary. Viliam Koza, CEO, NWS, talks about how his company tries to help its clients solve this issue through a package of services under the label of ANTISPY EXPERT. 

How can your company help in protecting the communication channels of your clients?
We protect the privacy of our clients by utilizing technologies that minimize the level of threat to their home, car, phone, and office. Illegal surveillance may result in information leakage and often organizations are not aware that industrial spying has affected their business. A professional sweep can reveal real and potential risks in the client’s communication security. We can also provide technologies for secure telephone and meeting room communications that prevent eavesdropping. We also know how to secure a computer network against cyberattacks.

You used the term “professional sweep”. What exactly does this mean?
Modern surveillance devices may have different shapes and forms and some are easily purchased on the commercial market. They can be hidden in common objects, for example in a pen, electrical socket, lamp, or extension cords. Surveillance devices can be fixed directly in the target room, or in the adjacent room. They can be controlled remotely, and even timed to operate in specific intervals. This type of harmful activity is hard to detect for laymen, especially without specific technical equipment and professional knowledge.

We offer two types of space screening, fast/targeted and then in-depth, which also includes an inspection of installed  technical tools, office equipment and wiring, and longer term monitoring.

What kind of information is provided to the client following such screening?
The result of an audit is a security protocol on the state of specific communication security conditions at the premises, including a list of identified risks and findings concluding in recommended counter-measures and optimization suggestions.

You mentioned that you also offer means for secure telephone communication. Can you tell us more?
Mobile voice communication belongs to the most common way of remote communication among two or more people. At the same time, it is one of the most vulnerable ways to eavesdropping by an unwanted third party. Even if there are countless applications available, most of them do not really provide security. Data transmissions are rarely encoded or they are encoded insufficiently. The solution we recommend and offer is the Silentel application. This application is suitable for all available mobile operating systems (Android, iOS, Windows, BlackBerry). The phone call between the calling parties is encrypted and so is almost impossible to be listened to by an unwanted party. I say “almost“ because although this application does its job perfectly, there may be other ways to eaveddrop, such as other applications installed on the phone without an obvious security threat. To get a better idea, just check your phone to see how many of the preinstalled applications are designed and pre-set to access your contacts, photos, location, even the microphone and camera, and add the potential threat of applications willingly installed by the phone owner.

Are there any solutions that can make communication in a meeting safe?
Business meetings and negotiations are the most important to protect from unwanted listening and espionage. We offer an affordable solution that ensures protection from information leaks and effectively prevents undesired listening and recording. Even a person right next to the one speaking does not comprehend the ongoing conversation among the people in the room. It may sound a bit like science-fiction but it works exactly as I describe, a person hears voices but cannot understand a word. Moreover, this solution can also be used in unsecured premises, yet it guarantees a complete protection from unwanted listeners. The Druid system reliably protects the users from all forms of listening including recording by voice recorders, cellphones and so on. This unique solution is based on generating digital noise blended with human speech. The noise is several times stronger than the recorded human voice and it is impossible to remove it from the recording by any method. Meetings secured by this means are incomprehensible to other individuals that are present in the room but not connected to the Druid device. The device can be used anywhere, including outdoors, or in a car, an external power source is not necessary.

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