AmCham Slovakia


Batteries are like the heart of the car. They bring everything to life. They are an inevitable part of every car, yet the production might throw a shadow on their importance. But what if from the seemingly dirtiest product, you could get the most recycled product on the market? This would be a big game-changer.

Many people are not aware of this and see production of car batteries as something condemnable. Well, you can’t blame them when there are lead, plastics and acid in question. The good news is that in Clarios 99% of material used for the production of batteries can be recycled or reused. This makes our batteries the most recycled product on the market. As we are a leader in energy storage solutions and every battery is a controlled electrochemical reaction that has potential to cause harm, we understand that it is very important to work with such a product in a safe and sustainable way across the entire life cycle. 

During our 130 years of history, we managed to develop and understand the potential risks and how to manage them effectively and safely.

Over the course of time, we have developed ways to convert lead into the grids that are used in production of new batteries, plastics is processed into new battery cases and we are even able to create a by-product from the acid such as ingredients for detergents. In this way we responsibly recycle over 8 000 batteries every hour of every day globally. With this number we even top aluminum, paper, tires, and glass in the recycling process. This is a great achievement towards protection of the environment and reduction of pollution and emissions by 90%.

A chance you will find our battery under the hood of your car is of high probability. With our production covering one third of the industry’s output, you can find our batteries in every third car in the world.

1.jpg And how are batteries connected to Slovakia? It is true that we do not have any manufacturing or recycling plants here in Slovakia. But what connects these two is Clarios Business Center, where we provide global services, and it can be said that we manage global roles from Bratislava. In our cozy office with family-like atmosphere we are proud of our products. “We have dedicated one of the longest walls in the office to display different types of batteries from our brand family. Visitors and our team mates now have an opportunity to discover more information about different types of batteries in a friendly and artistic way”, says Juraj Barus, Global Business Services Director, pointing to the big black board with battery samples and handwritten graffiti-like design.

Our family of brands have hundreds of years of tradition. Our most famous brand in Europe is VARTA which has over 130 years of tradition dating its beginning back to 1887.

Over the course of time VARTA brand collected some of the “firsts” and “mosts” in history. From first-ever batteries for car lighting, the most comprehensive battery range on the market, first standard-sized batteries that fit in every single car, first-ever leak-proof battery, first vibration-resistant batteries for construction vehicles, to first-ever maintenance-free batteries, and many other achievements.

Not to be confused, VARTA is not the only brand in our family that has great success. In other parts of the world, we are number one as well. In Mexico and Central America, the most recognized brand is LTH with more than 90 years of tradition. In Brazil and the South American market, the leader is Heliar with almost 90 years of tradition. Optima batteries are known worldwide as a reliable partner for automotive, marine, and commercial vehicles. Don’t worry, we didn’t skip Asian countries. We also have a strong brand based in Korea. Delkor batteries are even available worldwide. Last, but not least is our South America brand with more than 70 years of tradition best known for its commitment to the environment. Mac batteries are a reliable partner for Renault and Chrysler since 1973.


Also, here in Bratislava, we are a match for our global mission. Apart from a lot of greenery in the office and separation bins we also have vermicompost, community garden and we adopted three bee families which diligently pollen around 1000 flowers every day. We are proud of our small kingdom on Pribinova 19 and that we are part of a strong global brand with set values.

Ivana Rybánska, Global Finance SSC Assistant & Communications Specialist, Clarios