AmCham Slovakia

The Festival of Future 2/3 HEALTHY FUTURE DAY

The Festival of Future 2/3 ESG DAY

Wednesday, Sep 11, 2024 From 09:00 to 17:00

Jurkovičova Tepláreň, Bottova 1, Bratislava

AmCham Slovakia is celebrating its 30th anniversary



Imagine a world where 76% of global consumers say they would boycott a product or company if they discovered it was not environmentally friendly or sustainable, for example, a world where 66% of global consumers are willing to pay more for sustainable products. Envision further, a future where over 60% of Fortune 500 companies set renewable energy targets, anticipating future regulatory requirements, and a global green economy worth $12 trillion by 2030. These scenarios are not speculative, they are today's realities and tomorrow's inevitable challenges. As the pace of ESG accelerates, the Festival of Future invites you to engage with the immediate impact of these developments on our societies, economies, and workplaces.



In 2022, the European Union implemented a directive mandating ESG reporting, marking a pivotal shift towards enhanced transparency and corporate responsibility. This directive introduces new obligations for companies. However, ESG is not just a regulatory burden, it also offers multiple opportunities. It enables companies to openly express their values, demonstrate their approach to corporate responsibility, and distinguish themselves in a competitive landscape.


At AmCham Slovakia, we recognize the importance of the forthcoming shift towards economically sustainable growth, which is why we are building on our initiatives for a few months and are eager to explore how businesses can effectively navigate the green transition. We have partnered with Circular Slovakia to provide an enriching experience, featuring a screening of “Beyond Zero” movie followed by an in-depth discussion. In the afternoon, we will continue with thematic roundtables led by industry experts initiated at our AmCham Beyond Green conference in April 2024. Stay tuned for an impressive lineup of speakers and join us in this insightful journey.



  • Environmental Impact - Businesses are responsible for approximately 75% of global greenhouse gas emissions and the industrial sector consumes about 54% of the world’s total energy, making energy efficiency crucial for reducing carbon emissions. The European Union aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by at least 55% by 2030 compared to 1990 levels.
  • Innovation Impact - Businesses can achieve up to 30% energy savings by investing in energy-efficient technologies and practices. The global market for green building materials is expected to reach $364.6 billion by 2022, driven by energy efficiency and sustainable construction practices. 88% of executives believe that sustainability drives innovation and opens new market opportunities. Companies with strong sustainability practices outperform their peers by 4.8% in terms of stock market performance.
  • Beyond Zero - After a life-changing epiphany, the CEO of a global public company embarks on a high-stakes quest to eliminate all negative environmental impacts by 2020. To succeed, they must overcome deep skepticism, abandon the status quo, and ignite a new industrial revolution. Beyond Zero offers an inspirational roadmap for how businesses can reverse climate change.

By understanding and addressing these key facts, numbers, and trends, businesses can effectively navigate the transition to a more sustainable and environmentally responsible operating model.