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University of Prešov and its importance in the region

Prešov is the third largest city in Slovakia, and the center of the Šariš Region. It is a city with an attractive history, charming scenery and historical jewels of architecture. Thanks to high levels of education and culture, it has earned such names as Little Leipzig or Athens upon Torysa.

As the only public university in the region, the University of Prešov in eastern Slovakia is of great importance to local life, yet its influence extends a lot further than that. Though officially established in 1997, the University of Prešov’s roots can be traced back to a school that was founded in the first half of the 15th century and went on to become an important local educational institution.

Today, the institution has 10,000 full and part-time students and comprises eight faculties that focus on social, natural and theological sciences, sport, the arts, business management and healthcare. Education is the main mission of all higher education institutions, but the University of Prešov offers (as its logo says) more than education.

Amongst its priorities is research undertaken at its excellent purpose-built research centers and centers of excellence. They include the Center for Lingual-Cultural and Translational Interpretation, the Center for Socio-historical and Cultural-historical Research, and the Center for Human and Animal Ecology.

The University of Prešov’s outstanding Center for Lingual-Cultural and Translational Interpretation uses its expertise to enhance the quality of translational studies. Its activities take place within five fields: phonetics and phonology, linguo-culturology, translation and interpretation, mass-media language, and child language. Meanwhile, the Center for Socio-historical and Cultural-historical Research uses its hi-tech information, communications and technology infrastructure to conduct analyses in three key areas: the study of the history of the church and religion, the history of demographic movements, population migration and settlement, and the documentation and preservation of cultural heritage.

The Center for Human and Animal Ecology, on the other hand, conducts various research activities in the fields of ecology, physiology and animal and human genetics. It boasts four cutting-edge laboratories that epitomize why the University of Presov has gained such a strong reputation as a leading higher education institution.

Research is an integral part of the institution, and the results of the related activities are implemented in its teaching processes. The University strives to keep an appropriate faculty, student ratio to ensure a high quality of education and availability of teachers’ services to their students. The university cooperates with academic institutions in Europe and other countries, and offers their students the possibility to study abroad within various schemes. The university is proud of having been awarded an honorary distinction Diploma Supplement Label in 2013, which is awarded to those higher education institutions that strictly follow the principles of the internationalization of higher education in Europe as laid down in the Bologna Declaration. 

Ivana Cimermanová, Vice–Rector for International Relations, University of Prešov