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Nivy Tower, a responsive workspace for a responsible and safe future, is the answer to all the questions you may have concerning the new normal. Smart features, flexibility and unique know-how show how it can be done the other - the better way. Nivy Tower is the dominant of Bratislava and the tallest building in Slovakia. Home to several technology companies such as Capco, Resco, Rainside and Kempelen’s Institute of Intelligent Technology, as well as startups like Creative Dock, Grandaliro and Akular, it offers several smart features and unique services that allow for the smooth use  of the building and make going to work something to look forward to. But first things first.

Already feeling officesick?
Many companies are likely to support working from home in the future, but after almost a year of lockdowns and home office, we are all missing our colleagues, aren’t we? Small talk over a cup of coffee, quality chairs and flexible desks, or just some personal working space. Companies grow when their employees grow, and that doesn’t only happen with individual performance, but mostly through social interactions. Thus, the natural development is the domestication of office space, so that even at work we feel comfortable, almost like at home.

Respecting individuality
People have their needs, which should be fully reflected in a healthy and efficient working environment. Therefore, human beings and their needs should at the center of attention. This goes hand in hand with so-called activity-based working. In the current post-COVID world, flexibility is increasingly becoming topic No.1. Given the many changes we saw in 2020, the future requirements of physical workspaces will be complex and varied. It therefore makes sense that they must be able to adapt to meet business needs.

Imagine a place that provides fully-equipped office space and responds to any changes in your business – in space and in time. You don’t have to deal with cleaning services or the internet connection contract, and at the same time, you can use a shared reception and meeting rooms, with no worries about what condition the kitchen or the restrooms are in because it’s all taken care of by the service provider.

It does not have to be a fantasy anymore, as top property developers have started offering a plethora of leasing options within ultra-smart projects. This is also the philosophy of the leading pan-European workspace provider HB Reavis. In addition to traditional leasing and a well-cultivated coworking network, HB Reavis has created fully-serviced office space. It also offers short-term leases, so you can change the size of the space according to your current needs at any time.

“Qubes is about a deep understanding of what people need to do in the office. Knowing the activities people perform during the day, we can reasonably add relaxation zones, reception areas or focus rooms. So it does not start with plans to move walls, but by understanding where that wall should not be and where, on the contrary, it is supposed to be built.”Rene Popik, CEO, HB Reavis Slovakia.

Untitled-8.pngMaybe you want personal lockers, standing desks, ergonomic chairs or phone booths. This flexible model gives you the freedom to outfit your workspace based on your vision, and the ability to fully customize the environment to the needs of your employees. Under this modular approach, you can pick and choose everything from the furniture to the layout and design, creating a space tailored to your growth plan and the people who will use the office.

Evolution through data recognition
For business leaders, it is important to recognize the value of great ideas quickly so that their benefits can be realized as soon as possible. One of these ideas is the value of data and design in workspace and their potential. This will not only improve productivity, efficiency and employee wellbeing, but will encourage a new mindset in the workspace.

At Nivy Tower, HB Reavis is using a new approach to building management. A unique level of asset management wrapped up in a progressive app makes workspaces safe and comfortable while continuing to promote activities and events that prevent the negative impacts of stress and call for a healthy lifestyle.

What’s more, a smart technology platform creates a digital twin of your office so you can work with the data in real time - the platform takes the default settings of individual employees into consideration and then adjusts the environment to better their health and productivity.

Nivy Tower not only offers greater flexibility, but also encourages cross-business collaboration. The international coworking platform HubHub creates space where talent and know-how collide. Startups mixing with project teams and corporate labs create the perfect environment for inventions to happen. And now you can be part of it.

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