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In Imper, we put together inhomogeneous and often poorly processed data from dozens of open sources. Thanks to state-of-the-art machine learning and artificial intelligence that take care of the data collection, cleaning and classification, we are able to use them as a solid base for our applications that are used by thousands of companies all over the world. We have been operating in Slovakia since 2018 and among our clients are Transparency International, ABB, Siemens, ABRA and many others.

Everyone can benefit from data integration and if you are not sure, take some time to look at your business today and try to answer the following questions:

  • Do you really know your potential customers?
  • Do you really know your current customers and what makes them great? What do you know about them?
  • Do you know where to find more of these ideal customers?
  • Are your marketing efforts efficiently concentrated on generating more of them?

No matter the century, business winners can generate consistent leads because they know their market and how to offer their solution to their potential customers. And that is what data in Sales and Marketing is all about.

Lead generation for B2B segment
The first step towards generating B2B leads is finding who the potential buyers might be. Leady by Imper is a sales and marketing tool that identifies visitors (companies) visiting your website — even if they don’t sign in or leave their contact information which is around 97% of all visits.

Untitled-1.png By placing a small bit of code on your website, you can track and filter company leads based on a range of criteria, including their location, size, revenue, field, address or contact information. It will also provide you with insights into what they’re looking to learn and make it easy for you to follow-up and have a sales conversation tailored to their problems and your solution. It’s the next step in the process of making your website generate high-quality leads and giving you the insight to act upon it meaning your team will know and be able to connect with high-quality leads for your business. Leady offers new opportunities that you may never have seen with traditional web analytics tools.

Data from Leady can then be integrated into CRM, marketing tools, or other sales and marketing tools, like Pipedrive or MailChimp. Last but not least, Leady meets the GDPR requirements.

Sales is a competitive field and with applications such as Leady companies have a big advantage - knowing buyer intent data you won’t get anywhere else.

Get to know your audiences
Data helps marketers find answers - who is your audience, where do they work, what part of your product or service they are interested in, and how to move them through marketing and sales funnels. With data, marketers can start conducting relevant campaigns aimed at the right prospects. They can discover new information about your current customers and use that information to find new ones.

Data is the part of your process from the very beginning - e.g. creating your buyer personas, research-backed profiles that describe your company’s ideal customer - until the very end of your pipeline - evaluation and optimization.

Insights gained from data help you confirm which marketing and sales strategies work in lead nurturing. For instance, you can analyze the communication methods and messages that drive efficient conversions. Companies can identify potential bottlenecks where the sales teams need to focus efforts, or where leaders need to offer enhanced training to help reps perform better at that stage.

Last but not least, data can be a great help with campaign evaluation. Tracking the promotional methods and communication strategies helps to meet response objectives. Using data to evaluate promotional campaign effectiveness helps to minimize waste in approaches that don’t pay off.

connection_02_2021.jpg To sum it all up
Nowadays, it is not easy to compete in the B2B segment without integrating data into your organization. However, you need to realize in what ways data offers useful information for decisions that impact your business the most.

Open data is the order of the day. The world has gradually started moving towards open systems and open data is rightly in sync with that. The business and organizations which leverage open data will definitely gain a competitive edge.

Matej Karásek, Senior Commercial Manager, Imper SK (Monitora s.r.o.)