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The unique recipe of each company

We have discussed how to maintain employee satisfaction and what a healthy corporate culture means for a company with Andrea Gubová, HR Director of the Slovak telecommunications company SWAN, which ranks among the TOP employers in the IT and telecommunications sectors in Slovakia based on the annual Most Attractive Employer survey conducted by job portal 

Why is company culture important?
You can imagine corporate culture as the “unique recipe with its own ingredients” of each company. Culture creates the spirit of the company or, in other words, it is the DNA of every company, thanks to which the company functions on the interpersonal level, not only internally, but also towards its customers. It is the way employees perceive the work they do. It shows itself in the company’s approach to solving work tasks and achieving goals, how the company appears externally, how employees behave towards each other, what is good, desirable and what is unacceptable from the point of view of values. Corporate culture is a compass for employee interactions as well as decision making in business. It is the substance that unites people in the company in good as well as in more difficult times.

13.png How to keep employees satisfied?
First of all, you have to say that a satisfied employee is not only someone who likes to go to work because there are nice colleagues to drink coffee with. Above all, a satisfied employee likes his or her job, is efficient in it and even enjoys talking about it. Clearly, happy employees are more creative and productive and are also less likely to change their jobs. However, employee satisfaction is not only about the number of benefits, as many think. It is mainly about the conformity of values, rules and behavior of management, employees, up to communication towards customers or problem solving. If employees can identify with the company, they are also satisfied at work. If they feel comfortable with the job, they are much more willing to help others and solve the tasks and problems they encounter at work. Here, the role of management is extremely important. If senior employees are transparent and honest in their actions towards other employees, they will feel valued and respected. If we really do what we say, if we keep our word, I think we can keep employees happy.

Is the role of management to keep employees satisfied?
Unlike in many other companies in Slovakia, it is not uncommon in SWAN that the owners themselves are actively involved in management processes .Their doors are always open for every employee. Our shareholders are present at the office every day, and participate not only in strategic decisions, but in the day-to-day operations of the company. They are in daily contact with colleagues across the entire company. They take part in the regular working week and employees see them working together with them to achieve goals. Such an atmosphere and open communication is the basis for the good functioning of processes in the company and thus also for employee satisfaction. I think that it is the family atmosphere, the close connection between employees and shareholders that creates SWAN’s corporate culture. A culture in which people are not afraid to openly express their opinion, at the same time be reliable and keep their promises, take responsibility for their decisions or possible mistakes. Thanks to this, we constantly bring quality services and innovative solutions to our customers.

So what is the secret to a healthy corporate culture?
There is probably no universal formula for having satisfied or happy employees. A healthy corporate culture cannot be created overnight or by accident. It is important to keep in mind that what is applicable for one company may not work for another. Corporate culture can only grow thanks to originality and uniqueness.

So, for me the secret is authenticity and above all not trying to be someone we are not. It is a constant process and daily hard work and mainly a mixture of various factors. What is not a secret is the fact that open communication and mutual respect, the feeling that employees belong to each other and can feel safe, opens up people and their trust. I believe that when we feel supported, each of us wants to be a vital part of the group and fulfill tasks to the highest standards. That is what makes us determined to achieve personal and therefore also corporate success.

Andrea Gubová, HR Director at SWAN