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Data: The key to customer loyalty

In today’s business landscape it is absolutely crucial to understand the significance of the data you own within the company. From our own experience, we still encounter many companies that have gathered some data about their customers or business partners over time, yet they lack the knowledge of how to effectively utilize this data, particularly in terms of capitalizing on it.

It is very important to accurately define the nature of these data. They represent the interactions customers have with your brand, products, or services, as well as feedback on your activities and efforts. Such information holds significant value. It is no coincidence that data are often referred to as the gold of today.

You may ask, how can they be utilized? What should I do with them?

Once again, focus on customers, particularly if you operate in the B2C segment. Customer expectations are always high, and companies capable of delivering seamless omnichannel experiences - from their websites to their stores, contact centers, and every touchpoint in between - stand to be rewarded with customer loyalty and revenue. Data are the key to unlocking customer loyalty. And this is precisely what a smart digital loyalty system can be built upon.

At Ness Digital Engineering, we leverage our extensive experience with numerous data platforms to offer unique solutions to our clients. One such solution is the Digital Loyalty System. As a long-standing partner of the global Salesforce platform, the core of this solution is built on Salesforce.

We can take your existing data and customize a digital loyalty system to meet your specific needs. The solution will consist of the most widely used Salesforce CRM in the global market and, of course, a marketing module.

connection2024_02.png We believe that a good loyalty system is not just about purchasing a product and generating points but mainly about addressing customer behavior in the pre-purchase phase. We can utilize your data for marketing communication that directs your customers towards purchasing your products and services. Through the digital loyalty system, you can also educate your customers about your products, explain how they are created, and, of course, create numerous upsell activities that motivate the customer to purchase again.

For over a decade, many digital leaders have focused on acquiring customers and refining experiences to maximize conversion. It’s time to reconsider this approach. Our digital loyalty solution highlights the opportunity for companies to also become engines for retention and loyalty, thereby increasing the value by focusing on both pre- and post-purchase journeys.

This kind of digital loyalty system offers several benefits both for businesses and customers. Here are some of the key benefits:

  • Personalized Rewards: By leveraging customer data, businesses can tailor rewards and offers based on individual preferences and behavior. This personalization enhances the customer experience and fosters a sense of loyalty.
  • Targeted Marketing: Customer data allows businesses to segment their audience effectively and target them with relevant marketing messages. This targeted approach increases the likelihood of engagement and conversions.
  • Improved Customer Engagement: A digital loyalty system provides opportunities for ongoing interaction with customers through personalized communications, special offers, and rewards. This continuous engagement helps strengthen the relationship between the business and its customers.
  • Data Insights: By analyzing customer data collected through the loyalty system, businesses gain valuable insights into customer behavior, preferences, and trends. These insights can inform strategic decision-making and help optimize marketing efforts.
  • Increased Customer Retention: Offering personalized rewards and incentives through a digital loyalty system encourages customers to return to the business for future purchases. This, in turn, increases customer retention rates and boosts overall revenue.

Overall, a digital loyalty system enables businesses to offer customers personalized experiences, targeted rewards, and enhanced engagement, ultimately leading to increased loyalty and satisfaction.

At Ness Digital Engineering, we believe that such a smart loyalty system can be part of your successful digital transformation. You can market this entire digital solution as a service that can become an extended business model of your services. Great services beat low prices in the battle for customer loyalty.

Martin Adamka, Head of Marketing, Ness Digital Engineering