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Digital shift with added value

In the field of service delivery, where achieving customer satisfaction and environmental sustainability are paramount, companies like Veolia are at the forefront of embracing digital transformation. This move toward digitalization is not just a business decision but a strategic response to the changing demands of consumers and the planet. 

The journey Veolia has embarked on, leveraging modern technologies to enhance customer communication, exemplifies how digital platforms can streamline services while promoting sustainability.

Veolia Chatbot improves customer experience

Veolia initiative to develop an innovative customer communication platform underlines the key role of digital transformation in the service industry. By launching Veolia Chatbot powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and integrated with the Salesforce platform, Veolia is reshaping the way how customers access and manage information. This AI-driven virtual assistant provides real-time updates on heat and water supply, alerts on unplanned and planned service outages and offers insights into consumption patterns. This immediacy and transparency transforms the customer experience and offers users the autonomy to manage their accounts and make green decisions about their energy and water usage. The mentioned service is available online at

Sustainable business model

Moreover, this digital transformation is in line with Veolia’s commitment to reducing its environmental footprint. The shift from paper-based communication to digital platforms not only streamlines operations but also significantly reduces waste, contributing to a more sustainable business model. This is particularly important as businesses worldwide are being urged to adopt more eco-friendly practices.

Cooperation with technological partners

The cooperation with technological partners as DataConcept and Alanata has been fundamental in Veolia’s digital transformation. These partnerships underline the importance of leveraging external expertise to support innovation and efficiency in utility service management. The adoption of the Salesforce platform, tailored to Veolia’s needs by NESS Slovakia, demonstrates how specialized software solutions can optimize business processes, increase customer engagement, and support sustainability goals.

connection2024_02.png Ambition to become a carbon-neutral company

Veolia’s use of Salesforce Net Zero Cloud is particularly noteworthy. This sophisticated tool reflects the company’s ambition to become carbon-neutral. By enabling real-time monitoring and analysis of CO2 emissions, Veolia takes a data-driven approach to environmental stewardship. The ability to monitor and report emissions in real time allows Veolia to make informed decisions that align with its sustainability goals.

Additionally, Veolia’s use of the Salesforce marketing tool to educate the public about its services, illustrate the broader role of digital transformation in promoting community engagement and environmental awareness. By providing comprehensive information about its services, Veolia is not just enhancing customer service; it is also promoting a culture of sustainability.

Beyond customer satisfaction

The need for digital transformation in the service industry goes beyond operational efficiency and customer satisfaction. It is about adopting a forward-thinking approach that integrates environmental responsibility into every aspect of business. Companies like Veolia are setting a precedent for how digital innovation can be used to meet the dual objectives of service excellence and sustainability.

Veolia’s digital transformation journey is evidence to the power of modern technology to revolutionize the service sector. By prioritizing customer satisfaction and environmental sustainability, Veolia is not only adapting to the digital age, but is also leading the way towards a more sustainable, customer-centric future. As the company continues to evolve its digital platforms, it is setting new standards for what it means to be a responsible, customer-focused service provider in the 21st century. This commitment to digital innovation and environmental leadership serves as a blueprint for other service providers aiming to navigate the complexities of the modern world while maintaining their commitment to the planet and their customers. 

Tomáš Filípek, Senior Manager for Strategic Partners, Veolia Energia Slovensko, a.s.