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g4526.png AmCham Healthcare committee represents the views and position of AmCham member companies in the area of healthcare-related issues. Over the years it has become a valuable expert partner of relevant public and private stakeholders with close cooperation with other professional and analytical organizations in this field. It strives to contribute regularly to the debate on healthcare-related topics  with its members´ expertise and engage in a constructive dialogue with relevant public institutions, including the Ministry of Health of the SR, National Health Information Centre. It is active in commenting new legislation, providing recommendations by relevant position papers as well as organizing networking events including Healthy Future conferences as a part of the pre-election policy shaping initiative.

Our committee consists of numerous organizations and companies covering providers of the healthcare services, health insurance company, producers of medicines and medical devices, consultancy firms providing services in healthcare advisory, distributors of medicine, pharmacies representatives and companies focused on modern medicine and procedures.

We do communicate with public sector representatives and decision makers on regular bases in order to provide insights and expertise from day to day operations and experience of our Members. The aim is to help develop workable strategies and policies reflecting the reality, opportunities and potential of the market and its relevant stakeholders.

Priority areas of Healthcare committee contains:

  1. Healthcare With A Clear Vision, Concept And Clear Rules Of The Game - Political Leadership
  2. A Healthcare System With Accountability Budgeting – Predictability Revenue, Expenditure And Investment
  3. A Stable Regulatory Environment - Clear Legislation Guaranteeing Predictability Of Regulation
  4. Availability Of Innovation - More Modern And More Efficient Healthcare
  5. Strategic Decisions And Policies Built Based On Good Quality Representative Data - The Right Decisions At The Right Time
  6. Putting The Patient First - Better Management Patient Management, Patient Trust And Patient Reassurance In The Healthcare System
  7. Defining Patient Entitlement - Transparency Of The System Towards Patients
  8. Motivational Environment For Health Professionals - Quality Of The Working Environment And Working Conditions
  9. Health And Social Integration System - Definition Of Competences And Linking The Flow Of Finance And Data
  10. Efficiency And Public Control – Delivering Best Value For Money, Transparency, Measurable Objectives

Access to and Enhancement of Health Data Usability


Members of the AmCham Healthcare committee organised an event for the respective public sector authorities responsible for health data policies and strategies. On December 13, 2023 the event “Access to and Enhancement of Health Data Usability - international experience” concerning access and use of health data approaches abroad took place. The press release can be find here.

Healthy Future Conference 2023

On September 12, 2023, AmCham Slovakia's Healthy Future Conference brought together experts, analysts, innovators and key stakeholders to discuss specific steps how to improve Slovakia's healthcare system.

The major issues are well known: lack of financial as well as human resources, as well as the growing administrative burden which costs healthcare workers valuable time and energy.

The conference discussions highlighted the importance of a vision and continuity needed to guide the development of the Slovak healthcare system beyond political cycles. Furthermore, concrete measures on how to inject more funds into the system were presented, as examples from other countries have demonstrated that increased funding, when used effectively, results in higher-quality and widely accessible healthcare.

The main goal remains clear as well - to finally make healthcare a true policy priority and implement solutions which will bring Slovak healthcare up to EU standards.

Let's not just hope that a better healthcare becomes reality after the upcoming elections, but remain dedicated and continue to put our efforts into helping this vision come true!

An analytical study showing the state of spending in the health spending in Slovakia and reveals important steps that the next government must take to benefit its citizens to ensure a good quality of life for them during their productive years and beyond in retirement.

In January 2020, AmCham presented 10 recommendations for a Healthy Future 2030 with the aim to build an accessible, innovative and mainly patient-oriented healthcare system in Slovakia. Please, see the Evaluation of the status quo of the recommendations in 2023.

The press release of the event can be find here.


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