AmCham Slovakia


Transport as an experience

You may have noticed them at AmCham’s 20th anniversary celebration or at the Thanksgiving Gala. Slick luxurious limousines parked in front of the venue, waiting to whisk leaving guests home safely in comfort and free of charge. Those who took advantage of this opportunity will remember the experience. Those who didn’t, still have a chance at least to read about the company which provided this service for AmCham members in the following interview with its founder – Andrej Boháč.

How did you start in the taxi business?
When I was 21, I bought my first Škoda Felícia with a taximeter and began the business. I’m a very ambitious person, so every year I strove to increase the level of service provided. In 2007, I bought a Peugeot 607 and founded the “Vaša Preprava (Your Transport)” brand. I invested in a quality website and the first orders started rolling in. Every year, the number of clients rose by 25% on average. We were receiving more and more orders from foreign clients, so I decided to change the brand name to Transfer Service to be more easily identifiable for English-speaking clients. Today, my company owns a fleet of 14 Mercedes-Benz vehicles and carries out 40 to 60 transfers a day.

How do you see the future for Transfer Service?
We are one of the fastest growing transport companies in the market. Next year, I expect 30% growth, even though I know this will be very difficult to achieve. I believe we can achieve this goal, mainly thanks to our corporate clients who have put their faith in our tailor-made services.

What makes Transfer Service different from the competition?
It may sound a bit immodest, but I think we are able to perfectly meet the customer’s needs thanks to our long-term business experience. Our transport service is designed to be an experience so that every client feels special. We approach each client individually and provide the highest possible comfort. The top managers of international corporations who we transport expect that, after a long flight or meeting, they are met by a car with a professional driver who, if necessary, can recommend a quality restaurant, hotel or where to go in town, etc.

With our company they will always get what they need – services such as an iPad, Wi-Fi connectivity, and mineral water are provided as standard in every car. I am constantly investing in high-quality web systems that make the client experience as comfortable as possible. This means we can create a comprehensive system to cater for the individual needs of every client.

An important part of your company must be your employees who are in direct contact with the client and represent your company.

Personally, I cannot imagine spending several hours in a car with an unfriendly driver lacking even basic communication skills. That is why I’m very careful about selecting my employees and also very meticulous about their training. I only employ reliable personnel who have the necessary skills to talk to clients in a foreign language.

Are you planning to expand abroad?
A few months’ ago, we opened a branch in Brno and very soon we will be expanding our service to cover Košice. Vienna and Győr are planned to follow.

What are your plans for the future?
I am confident that in five years’ time we will be the largest transport company in Central Europe. Gradually, I would also like to expand our activities into the Balkan region.

Andrej Boháč, Founder and CEO, Transfer Service