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Bringing the Plavecký Castle back to life

It is always a sad sight to see an important part of the national heritage of a country neglected and in ruins. Unfortunately, it is not such an uncommon sight in Slovakia. This makes every initiative aiming to save a similar site for the future generations a noble act, worthy of praise and acclaim.

The Plavecký Castle dates back to the 13th century and over the years it has become an integral part of the landscape and the history of this part of the Little Carpathian mountain range as well as the nearby settlements in the Záhorie valley. The castle overlooks the village of Plavecké Podhradie, situated some 20 kilometers to the east of Malacky, directly on the main road 501 Lozorno – Jablonica. The ascent to the castle from the village takes about 30 minutes. Although a ruin today, its white walls and towers contrasting with the background of the dark woods make it impossible to overlook.

The castle was heavily damaged at the beginning of the 18th century and long decades of abandonment and indifference have left it in a dilapidated state. The results of the recent focus of activities aimed at its preservation are already visible and the castle is becoming a popular tourist attraction. The research work and the project preparation started in 2011 in cooperation with the National Heritage Board of SR and Mr. Milan Kousal, the Mayor of Plavecké Podhradie. Over the past two years, tens of volunteers from different backgrounds and cities have joined to work for free on the renovations. They assist professional builders for medieval constructions under the supervision of the Ministry of Culture. The middle gate, the entry gate, as well as several sections of the supporting walls were already rebuilt, but the ultimate goal of restoring the castle to its original impressive beauty still requires lots of work.

All the works are financed by donations from the Ministry of Culture together with private donors. If you wish to support this project as well, you may do so by sending a donation to the non-profit organization Plavecký Hrad o.z., to the following account: 1241667003/1111.

Pascal Ergo, member of the board, Plavecký Hrad o.z.