AmCham Slovakia


The value of professional communication

We are all well aware of the changes the marketing and communication industry has been going through lately. Social media gave the public an influential voice. With a little exaggeration you can say that these days pretty much anyone can become a journalist.  This situation requires all companies to be always prepared to respond accordingly and in a timely manner to whatever event or opportunity that presents itself. 

Building a positive reputation and communicating ideas effectively to the target audience is key in the social media era. It is essential for multinational companies as well as large corporations, not to mention medium and small businesses, or start-ups. The world of communication and digital marketing is changing before our very eyes at an unprecedented pace, making   cooperation with target audiences, customers, business partners and employees increasingly demanding. The reason is clear – we are witnessing an ongoing battle for the best and most creative content. And honestly, who would be better equipped to get the job done than PR professionals.

PR communication is currently the most effective tool to raise awareness of a brand, product or service. PR, however, is no longer just a tool to maximize the number of media mentions. Clients, fully realizing and comprehending the strategic importance of PR and communication, have not hesitated to use its full potential in their complex marketing strategy. The PR industry is getting stronger by the year which is truly remarkable especially since the world economy is just chugging along.

In the light of the above mentioned reasons, contemporary PR professionals must possess completely different qualities and professional skills. I am glad that the Association of Public Relations Slovakia (APSR SR) brings true professionals together, standing ready to provide their clients with the best possible and transparent marketing solutions. An absolutely essential requirement that all members of the association must meet is compliance with the IPRA Charter on Media Transparency and the Stockholm Charter. But our PR professionals are not afraid to think outside the box, always ready to go beyond the call of duty to leave traditional stereotypes behind with the goal of turning fans into brand-loyal customers in the most creative ways imaginable. Those customers will soon start viewing a regular brand as their love brand.   

As a Representative of our PR Association, I am absolutely confident that Slovak communication agencies affiliated within the APR SR are able to stay on top of trends, successfully communicating them to their clients. Let several awards won in international competitions stand as proof.   On top of that, we stepped up our game to improve our ever-changing and dynamic industry through cooperation with the professional media and trade unions present in Slovakia. Apart from that, we are a proud and highly appreciated member of the largest and most influential PR organization of the world, the International Communications Consultancy Organization (ICCO) affiliating more than 2500 PR agencies from 35 countries. That gives us an exceptional overview of what is going on in the international market of communication and marketing and also a unique opportunity to creatively implement these trends for our clients.

Trust and outstanding reputation are the cornerstone and the most crucial “must-have” factors of every company these days. No company can operate to its full potential without a well-thought, synergic and proactive public relations strategy. To continue in that line of thought, original and high-quality content, well aligned with continuous communication with the target audience, is the name of the game and the top trend in today’s world of marketing strategies.

Katarína Droppová, President of the Association of Public Relations Slovakia