AmCham Slovakia


25 Years of AmCham in Slovakia

Building on solid foundations

(by Gabriel Galgóci)

This year marks the 25th anniversary of the American Chamber of Commerce in Slovakia. For a quarter of a century, AmCham has been actively working to bring together a diverse set of companies — small and medium enterprises, midsize companies as well as large corporations whatever their line of business. 

The innovation imperative

(by Peter Kolesar)

AmCham has been instrumental in Slovakia’s economic transformation in the last decades and plays a role in addressing many of the current challenges. It is actively shaping the solutions by having founded the Slovak AI platform, advocating for stronger R&D spending and collaboration, and a series of its human capital pillar activities. Given the magnitude of structural challenges ahead of the Slovak economy, the Chamber’s role is perhaps more important than ever before. 

The past and future of the local business environment

(by David Rubin)

Without question, there have been remarkable improvements in the local business environment in Slovakia over the past decade — a comparative reduction in bureaucracy, more accountability from government and business about the rule of law, a greater diversity of industries, and a markedly increased international business presence. However, a number of issues still hinder progress. 

Labor code for the 21st century

(by Peter Rusinak)

At AmCham Slovakia we firmly believe that Slovakia is indeed a modern and successful country from almost all economic perspectives feasible. It is no longer perceived by investors as a low-cost assembly line or a cheap venue for call centers, but rather as a destination with high value. Together with our member companies, we are convinced that the future will inevitably bring new challenges in innovation, a better prepared and highly motivated labor force, and the effects of digitalization and automated processes.

AmCham Slovakia: 25 years and counting

(by Jake Slegers)

As this year AmCham Slovakia celebrates 25 years of its existence, it is fitting to identify a few of its most memorable milestones and most important impacts.  

AmChams – treasure troves of knowledge, human connections and business relations

(by Ajša Vodnik)

In my opinion AmChams constitute an ecosystem of human interactions, as well as the synapse of progressive thinking. By reinforcing interdisciplinary intersections (connecting various companies, fields, industries and stakeholders), they offer an international platform, a substantial opportunity for the evolution of innovation by creating new ideas, identifying issues, and thus providing concrete solutions. 

Looking for firm ground in our turbulent times

(by Ronald Blaško)

The world more than a decade after the 2008 financial crisis is facing a new rising wave of populism, protectionism and big technology disruptions, causing a challenge to the liberal international order, established businesses, their business models and supply chains. 

What should be the role of AmCham in the fast-changing reality of the 21st century?

(by Opinion Poll)

We thought it would be interesting to approach selected representatives of our member companies, policy makers, as well as AmCham directors in the region to get various perspectives on how to define the role of our organizations for the future.

I want people to know that in the 21st century they don’t have to smoke

(by Andrea Gontkovičová)

Andrea Gontkovičová started her career as an assistant and today she is Director for Innovation and Commercial Development at Phillip Morris for the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary. She was awarded the Absolute Slovak Woman of the year 2019 award and, besides managing, she also mentors women who, she says, need to gain confidence.