AmCham Slovakia


AmChams – treasure troves of knowledge, human connections and business relations

In my opinion AmChams constitute an ecosystem of human interactions, as well as the synapse of progressive thinking. By reinforcing interdisciplinary intersections (connecting various companies, fields, industries and stakeholders), they offer an international platform, a substantial opportunity for the evolution of innovation by creating new ideas, identifying issues, and thus providing concrete solutions. 

Taking into account the reoccurring changes in our societies, an open dialogue between the economy, science, the state and civil society is crucial. Each AmCham, through a diverse network of members from multiple disciplines, could couple knowledge with influence and act as a voice for domestic and international companies.

By being proactive, AmChams can play a pivotal role in:

Connecting, collaborating and spreading optimism by creating various networking events, addressing numerous current topics, fostering the exchange of good business practices, and creating platforms that offer unique opportunities to collaborate, connect and exchange knowledge.

Improving general business and living environment in the country. By uniting a great wealth of people from various industries, fields and profiles, AmChams are an authentic treasure trove of knowledge. By joining knowledge and expertise, they can suggest plausible changes and open dialogue with the state to inspire and initiate positive changes in the business and social environment.

Professional as well as personal development of people in the community - AmChams can play a crucial role in the development of people, who are part of the communities, with a strong emphasis on young leaders. Student internships and many diverse mentorship and coaching programs intended for young professionals as well as senior leaders, provide an opportunity for AmChams to connect generations of young and active individuals who stand out from the crowd to exchange knowledge, experience and consequently grow professionally and personally. Those programs guide the personal and career development of the current as well as next generation of business leaders.

Promotion of American Business & International Collaboration. By being promoters of the importance of Transatlantic relations, business development and job creation, AmChams can represent an entry point for companies that want to enter the US market, and open doors to potential foreign as well as domestic investors.

Above all, it is important for AmChams from a certain region to connect and collaborate among themselves. I am happy that 45 AmChams from 43 countries are united in the AmChams in Europe network, which acts as the bilateral voice of American and European companies. It reinforces and communicates the significance of the transatlantic economy and trade in all 43 countries throughout Europe and Eurasia.  In Europe, it represents the interests of more than 17,000 American and European companies employing 20 million workers, which accounts for more than $ 1.1 trillion in investment on both sides of the Atlantic.

Ajša Vodnik, Vice Chair AmChams in Europe, CEO, AmCham Slovenia