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Košice - a center of digital innovation

Software engineers who are looking for interesting projects don’t need to travel abroad. Interesting work has come to them, to Košice mainly. It’s a small Silicon Valley here. We call it the Košice IT Valley. People thus have a wide range of opportunities to participate in the development of global solutions, systems and applications for renowned foreign companies. 

The technological but also domain knowledge and experience of the IT community in Košice are growing. Software engineers are working in the Slovak branches of international global IT companies that have their centers here. There are also many smaller or bigger local firms in the city.

Our IT experts are often involved in the introduction of new technologies, solutions using artificial intelligence, big data and augmented and virtual reality. They are the creators of modern and unique UX design.

Expanding of healthcare and pharma industries from Košice
The development of software for the healthcare and pharma industries is expanding here. Products that make life easier for patients and, in many cases, also save human lives, are also created here in east Slovakia. Such products include, for example, telemedicine. Thanks to telemedicine, patients will be able to receive quality health care much faster. They won’t have to wait until they get to the doctor and then spend a lot of time in waiting rooms at crowded clinics. Telemedicine will be of great benefit especially for the rural population, elderly patients and people with disabilities, for whom it is not easy to travel to the hospital. They will be able to contact their doctors online and get quality care. For example, health care providers know how to use live video conferencing to monitor patients after discharge.

A digital platform for communication between a doctor and a patient, developed in Košice and available anywhere in the world, is also used for this purpose. The system is designed such that the patient receives fast and professional assistance through audio and video communication, during which the doctor has the opportunity to evaluate measured data from integrated medical devices in real time, as if the patient had been personally examined.

Medical devices, the so-called wearables, are a separate chapter. Their use to improve or to save lives is huge. A Košice IT company has for several years been involved in the development of a special device that is worn on the body of patients with heart disease. This system continuously monitors and automatically evaluates heart activity and can intervene in the event that a situation arises. The patient can lead a normal life instead of being in a hospital long-term.

More and more devices, such as inhalers, also have built-in electronics. They can evaluate their proper use and thus guarantee effective home treatment even without consulting a doctor.

Health care also includes animal care, including both pets and livestock. Technology is increasingly penetrating veterinary practice. Thanks to advanced technologies and equipment, new and accurate data can be obtained which is available immediately and is crucial for the early diagnosis of animals, both on the farm and in households. The result is healthier animals and more satisfied clients. On a larger scale, this has a significant economic effect and an undeniable impact on the health of the entire population. Our engineers work on various concepts, whether implants, digital biosensors or portable devices for human and animal medicine. We work not only on solutions for widespread diseases, but also for rare diseases.

Why do we consider Košice an IT hub?
IT projects from Košice not only manage software for health care. Media solutions are certainly represented here. One of the most frequently read economic weeklies from the UK is “powered” by a Košice team, a strategic software development partner helping with their digital transformation and innovation. In addition to the content management system, we also participate in the development of various distribution channels for the distribution of various news formats, i.e. mobile applications, web portals, movie players or voice assistants. Integration with Facebook is also part of the solution.

We further provide solutions for consumer-related business, working with companies that provide help to the bigger retailers and CPG agencies. Producing personalized, digital-media solutions, enables brands and retailers to connect with consumers. We contribute to the development of software in which promotions and messages are triggered based on a shopper’s purchasing insights and delivered at the point of sale via a full-color, high-speed printer. Shopper-driven incentives (coupons) are just part of the range of solutions that our client provides to its customers. The company also offers shopper-driven advertising, interactive solutions, data services and more.

IT for the automotive and other industries also has a strong presence in Košice. We are engineering and developing start-up displays for heavy duty machines and developing drivers for a new family of industrial displays units, including various modern features, such as a network connection, cloud interconnection and media support. Our systems enable different ways of machine-to-machine communication over Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, BLE, Ethernet, USB or even the cloud.

These were just a few examples of the exceptional work being done in Košice. There is certainly much more. Košice can rightly be considered an IT Hub. The knowledge and expertise is here, but in order for this to be true in the future, the city and region needs more IT graduates and the return of talent from other parts of Slovakia and from abroad.

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Štefan Lacko, Head of Delivery, GlobalLogic Slovakia