AmCham Slovakia


Regional Development

We create a narrative for our cities

(by Peter Kolesár)

What we think and what we say about a place we live in goes a long way. If a substantial group of people says the same thing, it becomes a narrative – a story people say about a city, region or a country. Israel is now globally seen as a startup nation, a center of gravity for entrepreneurs and innovators. This is a major shift from Israel’s narrative as a country dominated by conflicts with its neighbors just two or three decades ago. Similarly, Tartu used to be a low-key municipality in the Baltics and is now known for a vibrant tech scene, great universities and a big startup festival and has been dubbed a sTARTUp city.

How to retain talents in the region?

(by Tibor Radacovsky)

Brain drain is not a new phenomenon. Many highly developed regions have seen their share of it. The circumstances are always region-specific, but the general context is similar. We can learn from the successful regions, but it is us at home who need to do something about it.

A Hub for Tapping into Regional Talent

(by Peter Žoldák)

After almost ten years since opening the KPMG office in Košice, we are proud to say that it was the right step. Our proximity to clients operating in the region, coupled with access to local talent, has endowed us with increased agility in addressing the specific needs of the market.

Where the traditional meets the new

(by Juraj Sabol)

The city of Košice has been an important regional center of business for centuries. In the 1960s, it was thanks to steel making that the city grew to its size and shape we know today. However, the IT sector in Košice now employs more people than steel making and is growing further. Does that mean that writing code will fully replace casting steel? Not necessarily. 

Embracing a bold approach to public policy

(by Alexandra Katkinová)

Intelligent maps revolutionize local government management, enhanced accessibility empowers diverse communities, and a youth-led festival ignites inspiration. These remarkable Slovak projects, alongside other outstanding finalists, have captured Europe’s attention through their remarkable innovations at the latest Innovation in Politics Awards held in Warsaw.

Female entrepreneurship in the regions

(by Visa )

Regional development should use and respect the peculiarities and requirements of individual regions. So it is not just about managing them, but about developing the potential that they have. It primarily refers to regions outside of Bratislava, which in many areas, already reach the pan-European level.

Let’s win together – from zero to hero

(by Stanislav Mucha)

Hockey Club Košice, a member of AmCham Slovakia, became the ice-hockey champion of Slovakia. Despite the struggles at the beginning of the season, the team has passed the journey “from zero to the hero“, winning the regular season as well as championship title after eight years of waiting. HC Košice will represent its city, region and country in the upcoming season of the esteemed Champions Hockey League, facing the best and richest hockey clubs of Europe. 

The backbone of regional economic development

(by Juraj Lechner)

Economic growth in the regions today is highly dependent on the availability of infrastructure. Not only in terms of accessible transportation but especially when it comes to the development of telecommunications services and up to date technologies. Access to the internet has become a crucial determining factor of the economic development of regions, not only in Slovakia but worldwide. 

New Legislation for Businesses

(by Alena Lipovská, Katarina Ďuriačová)

The following text presents a brief overview of legislative changes in the tax and payroll area which are most likely to influence your business. Experts from Crowe choose the most relevant legislation which has recently come to force or is likely to be adopted in the near future.

Priorities of companies from the East

(by AmCham Slovakia)

The business community in Slovakia’s East deals with issues with are specific for this region. Although this is true, these companies set their sights on the national level and have a vision of a business environment which is common to the entire business community in the country. We approached representatives of AmCham member companies with a strong presence in the East to offer their perspective on the future of Slovak economy or the priorities of the new government.

Work and Life Connections

(by Marian Vazur, Tomáš Futáš)

Success comes at a price. Business leaders face difficult decisions regarding demands on their time on daily basis. The responsibility towards their families and their employees makes them carefully consider each minute of their day. We want to know how they like to spend their time out of work, what inspires them and motivates them.