AmCham Slovakia


A Hub for Tapping into Regional Talent

After almost ten years since opening the KPMG office in Košice, we are proud to say that it was the right step. Our proximity to clients operating in the region, coupled with access to local talent, has endowed us with increased agility in addressing the specific needs of the market.

KPMG has been operating in Slovakia since 1991, steadily establishing a strong position in the domestic market. With a team of over 400 professionals, we offer a wide range of services especially in audit, tax, legal and advisory solutions. Our client portfolio spans from small and medium-sized enterprises to large corporations, public authorities, and private investors. We actively assist both domestic and foreign companies in significant transactions across various industries.

Our presence in Košice has already become a vital center for delivering comprehensive services in the eastern part of Slovakia. Together with our Bratislava office, we can provide job flexibility to our current and prospective employees.

In recent years, the number of employees at our Košice office has experienced remarkable growth. In our commitment to making Košice a strategically important hub in eastern Slovakia, we plan to continue investing in the development of our local presence. We also aim to expand our collaborations with universities and foster long-term relationships with the local community.

“We aim to leverage our previous experience and provide opportunities for the younger generation, offering them the background of an internationally operating company. Furthermore, we greatly value the support of our experienced colleagues, who are recognized market experts today,” says Peter Žoldák, the partner of KPMG in Slovakia responsible for managing and developing the office in Košice. In a short interview, he sheds light on the main drivers of regional growth in Košice while offering insights into the business opportunities that lie ahead. He also emphasizes the crucial role that consulting firms can play in helping the region thrive amidst the ever-changing market dynamics.

UPJS.png What are the key factors driving regional development in Košice, and how do you see these factors impacting the business environment?
Foremost, it is the availability of skilled and educated people coming from a broad university base who wish to stay at home and actively contribute to the development of their region. Additionally, various business initiatives, the growth of small family businesses, and of course, foreign direct investments all play a significant role in overall business environment. Collectively, these factors contribute to the ongoing improvement and progress of Košice as a thriving business hub.

How would you assess the current business potential in Košice for consulting services, including audit, advisory, and tax? Are there any specific industries or sectors that offer significant opportunities?
The potential for consulting services in this region is linked with the growth in the local business environment. This growth presents opportunities for all types of services. This is also driven by the growth in the automotive industry as well as the expanding IT community in Košice.

What are the challenges or obstacles that consulting firms might face when operating in Košice?
From a Košice-specific perspective, there are no significant barriers, just opportunities. However, what we see currently with international clients is the lack of easy and convenient transportation to regions, especially by air. In the post-COVID era, we are seeing an increased preference for people to meet face-to-face. 

In terms of attracting clients and driving business growth, how do you envision the future advantages that the region could offer?
As mentioned earlier, the region benefits from both local business growth and significant foreign investments, which are expected to further boost development. Another positive factor to consider is the impact of post-conflict investments in neighboring Ukraine.

Consulting companies play a vital role in improving the way companies work, enhancing their business operations, fostering people cooperation, and ensuring compliance with legal and regulatory requirements. However, what sets us apart in this specific region is what we have done for over 30 years in Slovakia: to grow future professionals and leaders.

What collaborations or partnerships with local organizations or institutions in Košice do you consider as crucial to foster business potential?
Our priority is to focus on collaborations and partnerships with universities and regional business associations to facilitate business growth in the region. The active involvement and support of local communities is of great importance for us. Non-profit organizations are essential in developed regions like Košice, as they contribute to the overall welfare of the community. By establishing strong relationships with these institutions, we can foster a collaborative ecosystem that drives sustainable growth in the region.

Peter Žoldák, Associate Partner, KPMG