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The future of work is today

Globally, researchers agree hybrid work is an indisputable trend that is becoming a regular part of our lives - whether we want it to or not. At the same time, the last few years have shown that offices will continue to be part of our lives too. They play an important role in corporate culture, supporting businesses’ growth curves and reinforcing a strong sense of community. 

Human beings are social creatures and need to talk in person and meet to share ideas and information. But how do you set it up so that an organization can change to a hybrid work model in a way that causes suffering neither to itself nor its employees? And how do you fully utilize the time people spend in the office so the company benefits from personal interactions? The answer is modern technology. The IoT and other digital assets are the tools that also find their place in workspace solutions and hybrid work. The latest Desk Booking System service, developed by HB Reavis using Symbiosy, is a clear proof of this.

01.png Hybrid era enabled
Desk Booking is a comprehensive application that lets companies easily manage workspace and the movement of employees within the offices based on current needs. It gives employees the option to choose the right spot - whether it’s a window seat or a desk with a docking station, the right spot’s always just a few clicks away. You also have an overview of the room capacities, departments, desk management and even desk settings, all with real-time stats and reports right at your fingertips.

This gives employees the needed flexibility to organize their working time so they can use it in a valuable and productive way, be close to teammates and have the opportunity to collaborate, innovate and share their knowledge and experience. It also works across countries, so you can book a desk in Budapest one day and in Bratislava the next day.

How does it work?
Simply put: the app works basically the same way as when you book a seat on a plane or a table at a restaurant. In addition to the obvious benefits, there is also focus on efficiency and productivity. Thanks to solutions like these, you can create a safe place to work since you are able to manage the number of people in the space based on the current needs.

Employees can search for their colleagues, add them to their team and check if their teammates booked a desk on a specific day or not. They can simply tick a box, and the system will assign them a desk as close to their teammates as possible. They can also manually choose a desk from the office layout, and they can see a list of desk features like docking stations, window proximity, if something is height adjustable, etc.

The module can also be expanded by adding other functions, through which employees can quickly and easily book a meeting, for example, according to the number of people. The module is also designed for companies with offices spread out over a large area or multiple floors. The “Catch a Space” function helps to find vacancy on an ad hoc basis for concentrated work.

A bold trend: welcome to the new normal
The Desk Booking System is part of Symbiosy, the easy-to-use digital platform tailored for hybrid working, which is nowadays referred to as the new normal. It supports an active and effective return to offices as it boosts teamwork when people work partly from the office and partly from home or remote locations.

Supporting both the individual and group planning of office use while directing the business is the key function of the Desk Booking app. You can easily manage when your teams need to be in the office in addition to setting the workplace strategy - the availability, team schedules and zones - and let the app do the rest. Scan the QR code or visit for more information or to try it out.  


Tibor Nyitray, Head of Product at Symbiosy by HB Reavis