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To be confident of the future and the constant development of your career, you need to acquire digital technical skills in particular. The reskilling process (that is the requalification of your skills) has to take place in your life. The global pandemic has shown the enormous importance of the digital world, which is changing at the speed of light. You cannot expect your life and work to remain static. If you want to grow professionally, you need to anticipate future changes and learn how to accommodate to new labor market requirements.

Currently it is clear that digital technology will be one of the dominating trends in the near future. If you wish to have a long and productive career you need to accept this reality and take steps to make sure you acquire the needed skills and keep up with the fast-growing digital online world.

connection2022_02.png There is an urgent global gap in digital skills and Slovakia is not an exception. As the companies all round the world are quickly transitioning to digital models, there has been a sharp increase in demand for employees with the necessary digital skills. “It is a serious and long-term issue in Slovakia. The entire IT segment is looking for new digitally skilled people on a day-to-day basis on the labor market and they are not simply there. At least not in the number we would need. It affects the growth of companies because new projects require new quality employees. That is why we see reskilling as a useful educational process allowing us to requalify employees to a given technology, which will follow the trend for the period to come,” Pavol Sokol, CEO of Ness Slovakia, said.

Thanks to reskilling and using the existing employees’ potential, businesses can accelerate the progress towards the development of digital skills and the need to innovate more. The digital world is not an impenetrable fortress you can’t enter. This sector has been changing rapidly and currently there are ways to acquire new digital skills and master them.

Which digital platform to choose?
As we accumulate data in the digital world, working with it will require significant wisdom, analytical thinking and the ability to work with tools, which will be able to evaluate such data effectively. The Salesforce platform is the future trendy platform. It provides customer relations management, corporate applications focused on customer services, marketing automatization, various analysis and applications which can very shortly make your business processes more effective.

The Salesforce platform is still relatively unknown on the Slovak market. Via Trailhead, its free on-line educational program, it has helped more than 3.9 million people all round the world to learn new digital skills for the future of work. “Even we in Ness Slovakia implement reskilling of some experts to the Salesforce digital platform, because we have been offering and implementing it to many customers. It is impossible to get Salesforce consultants on our market currently and that is why we use reskilling. We believe that the interest in the Salesforce platform will be growing as it is one of the most used cloud technologies on the market. If you want to learn something new and improve your skills we will be happy to have you here and explain the Salesforce platform,” Pavol Sokol, CEO of Ness Slovakia, added. 

Martin Adamka, Senior Marketing Manager, Ness Digital Engineering