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On February 24, Europe and its peaceful times as we’ve known them have changed for good. The Russian Federation attacked an independent country, its neighbor Ukraine. We at AmCham Slovakia immediately expressed our solidarity with Ukraine and together with AmChams in Europe published a joint statement of solidarity with the people of Ukraine condemning the Russian aggression. 

In the following days, we organized a Compassion and Solidarity Call for Ukraine. Firstly, to inform the people of Ukraine fleeing the war about the help offered by Slovak Republic and secondly, to engage our members wishing to help the people of Ukraine in any way possible (offering medical and material supplies, financial donation, work opportunity, volunteer help, blood donation, etc.).

Within the first two weeks of the war, in cooperation with our members as well as non-members, we organized an amazing delivery of a truck full of medical and technical supplies to the hospital of Uzhhorod in Ukraine that provided instant help to those who need it the most.

On March 3, we organized a webinar on War in Ukraine and its implications on the labor market for our members so they could better prepare to employ Ukrainians finding temporary refuge in Slovakia.

Throughout March, we prepared several other activities supporting the Ukrainian cause: Blood Donation for Ukraine, Employers of Open Arms - a comprehensive list of companies ready to employ Ukrainian refugees, and two online events on humanitarian help and business impact of the Ukraine-Russia crisis. We also began to host several AmCham Ukraine colleagues in our Košice office.

We continued our efforts to help Ukraine in April and May with a special panel discussion at the Talentism is the Future conference with Ingrid Brocková, State Secretary at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Michaela Pobudová, Co-founder and Director of Mareena, who talked about employing Ukrainian citizens.

We also released two special episodes of our AmCHAT Business Leaders podcast: first with Andy Hunder, President of AmCham Ukraine entitled “Business not as usual: Life in Ukraine under Russian aggression” and then with Valeriia Lysenko, Policy Officer of AmCham Ukraine and her story of the Russian occupation of her hometown of Bucha.

We are grateful that with the support of you, our members, we continue to help our Ukrainian friends who found a temporary refuge in Slovakia as well as those brave that fight for freedom and peace in their home country.

Thank you, we are proud to have you as our members!

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Veronika Yörümez, PR & Communications Manager, AmCham Slovakia